2022 Impact Report

Celebrating 25 years of impact

Making better possible together

Health care impacts all of us at some point in our lives. Thanks to the generosity of donors, Calgary Health Foundation’s investments help to ensure we face the best possible outcomes during all life stages, from an infant’s first critical moments of life to the most comfortable end of life care.

Working with Calgary’s hospitals, Carewest continuing care and community health programs, community philanthropy laid the groundwork for the care, research and advancements that are possible today.

Since 1996, Calgary Health Foundation’s unique ability to connect donor interests to areas of health that really matter to them has resulted in significant breakthroughs.

We tackle complex community health challenges such as mental illness and harm reduction; we work with hospital leaders to advance exceptional services; and we partner with Carewest to enhance continuing care for those who have an extended transition back home or require specialized supports in their last home.

The sum is greater than its parts

Looking at pictures, both old and new, reminds us of how the characteristics, vision and values of our ancestors weave through the decades, providing a foundation to successive generations. The Calgary Regional Health Authority, our founding board members, and the volunteer members of our development councils have spent countless hours making sure that the Calgary Health Trust family is ready to face the future. The result is exciting.

Calgary Health Foundation Annual Report, 1996-1997

Prior to 1996, Calgary hospitals, continuing care and other community health programs were supported by individual health foundations. Their work was incredible, but only reached as far as their walls allowed. As chair of the Calgary Regional Health Authority, tasked with restructuring the health care system, Mr. Bud McCaig saw an opportunity for greater impact and more efficiency if the foundations amalgamated.

With a bold vision and strong leadership, Mr. McCaig and fellow philanthropic business leaders reshaped health care’s charitable sector in Calgary.

Foothills Hospital Foundation, Carewest Foundation, Mountainview Community Health Foundation, Rockyview Hospital Foundation, the Calgary General Hospital Foundation and, later, the Grace Hospital Foundation for Women amalgamated and brought loyal donors together for a greater mission under what is now Calgary Health Foundation.

Our collective efforts have raised over $550M for health care to revolutionize health outcomes. These accomplishments are outstanding and demonstrate the breadth and reach of the Foundation’s unique model to touch all aspects of health care delivery and to work in collaboration with Alberta Health Services to meet the diverse needs of people across the city and throughout Southern Alberta.

Health care workers in a room putting on personal protective equipment (PPE)

An Inspirational and Empowering Foundation

It took a bold vision that inspired many others to pave a new way of thinking about health care and philanthropy.

Many leaders of that time considered philanthropy as a civic duty and an expectation of their roles. Because of their vision and passion, a quarter of a century later, we are still making bold investments that are challenging the status quo, investing in innovators with incredible vision, and striving for world-class care.

One of the great successes we had was to bring people together. We were all working for one another and that turned out to be the reason for our success.

Mrs. Ann. McCaig, Chair Emeritus

Celebrating 25: A look back

25 Investments changing health care


Invested in an Echocardiography Unit at the Rockyview General Hospital


A campaign for Colonel Belcher that netted $2 million to support Veteran care at Carewest.


Funded NeuroArm, a PET and CT Scanner at Foothills Medical Centre.


Opened Stephenson Cardiovascular MR Centre with our partners at the Libin Institute and spearheaded by its namesake, the late Ken Stephenson.


Established the Move & Mingle program to assist vulnerable seniors in the community build core stability to prevent falls and build mental wellness through connection.


Supported iSuite, which was six state-of-the-art and linked surgical suites located at Foothills Medical Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre and Rockyview General Hospital.


Opened a Bone Marrow Transplant Unit.


Funded a world-class Interventional Radiology Suite at Peter Lougheed Centre.


Funded art, music and horticultural programs at Carewest to enhance wellness and therapy programs for residents.


Purchased the da Vinci Robot at Rockyview General Hospital, enabling surgeons to perform delicate and complex operations with the use of robotic technology.

Man in a long term care facility in a mobility bike with a stick in his hand while smiling


Through the Calgary Burn Treatment Society funded transformational care at the Firefighters Burn Unit.


Opened the Southern Alberta Institute of Urology.


Established the Bob Glasgow Grief Support Centre at Richmond Road Diagnostic Treatment Centre.


Foothills Medical Centre opened the Interventional Trauma Operating Room, only the second of it’s kind in the world. The approach to hybrid both surgical and diagnostic imaging. This novel model was a catalyst for advancing how we can integrate technology to all for faster diagnosis and more comprehensive treatments than ever before.


Advanced cardiac care with the opening of the Cardiac Hybrid Operating Room.


Redeveloped a revolutionary new vascular surgery unit and Vascular Hybrid Operating Suite.


Purchased new virtual reality equipment to support treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at the Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Clinic.


Redeveloped a new, private space for the Pregnancy and Infant Loss program as families go through some of their toughest moments.

Man (Meldrum Meldrum) standing at a podium speaking to the media


Redeveloped a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Maternal Care Unit at Peter Lougheed Centre.


Funded a Pediatric Emergency Pod at South Health Campus for the growing pediatric population in Calgary’s south.


Expanded simulation training across the city and mobilized the program to serve rural communities.


Advanced programs like Safeworks with a mobile custom van to support community outreach, and the Calgary Sexual Assault Response Team (CSART) with the Third Option program, giving victims more choice to pursue legal action.


Raised over $1 million for Carewest through the Close to Home campaign to create a more home-like environment for residents in Carewest’s diverse facilities.


Funded new surgical hip tables across Calgary for the establishment of anterior hip replacement surgery, resulting in shorter hospital recovery time for patients.


Opened an expansion to the hemodialysis unit at Peter Lougheed Centre to support patients in severe kidney failure.

and more…

Funded hundreds of education and scholarship opportunities for care providers.

Purchased thousands of pieces of equipment to further advance care and outcomes.

Invested in clinical research that has translated to moving care practices forward in wellness, recovery and hospital programs.

Partnered on revolutionary campaigns such as Reach! and Partners in Health to establish world-class health institutes and programs.

Looking forward

Here are a few examples of the many visionaries within our health system that Calgary Health Foundation is partnering with to improve people’s lives and to lay the foundation for the next 25 years.

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