For patients waiting,
the need is critical!

Can you imagine waiting for surgery over this past year only to be told that because of COVID-19 you have to wait months longer than expected?

Waiting and waiting, with pain and discomfort making your days and nights unbearable. That’s the reality for some of the 40,000 people whose surgeries have been delayed so far during the COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta. Our surgical units have done an incredible job during this time. But some impacts of the pandemic have been inevitable.

One of the effects of COVID-19 on our health care system is that we are now working through a significant backlog of people waiting to receive surgery of all kinds. Now because of the growing number of COVID-19 patients currently occupying our ICU beds, the difficult decision was made to delay surgeries once more.

That means that list of 40,000 people waiting for surgery is only going to grow, until we are able to continue performing surgeries.

Imagine waiting for orthopedic surgery, unable to move without pain. All you want to do is enjoy your time with your family. Imagine if you put off getting your regular check-up and now require a specialized procedure. A procedure that could be life-altering.

When patients have less than a four month wait time for their operations, they have better outcomes and quality of life. This investment in surgical equipment just became more urgent than ever. We need to have the capacity to serve the needs of Albertans who need surgery for a whole variety of reasons. As soon as we get the word that we can continue performing surgeries, we want to be ready to hit the ground running.

It’s time to attack this issue head-on and help Albertans receive the care they desperately need. We have space available for a new surgical operation room, but it’s not operational due to lack of funding – and without the necessary equipment, the operating room cannot be used and those potential additional surgeries per year will not happen.

Calgary Health Foundation donors like you have the opportunity to step in to help address this crisis by funding an increase to the number of surgical suites at Peter Lougheed Centre.

We need to raise $1 million this fall to help address this critical need. Think of it this way: by increasing the number of surgeries that can be done to address the backlog, we’re taking thousands of people who are suffering in silence to receive the treatment that will change their lives.

We need the support of you and everyone in our community to reach our fundraising goal for this project. In the coming weeks, you may see an opportunity in your mailbox to support this project with a donation. We hope you’ll consider it.


How your support helps:

These surgical suites will be equipped to adapt to the needs of a variety of specialties. With the purchase of equipment like that below, we can best support Alberta’s surgical demand.


Video Stacks, Cameras & Accessories Flexible Ear, Nose & Throat Scopes
Mini C-Arm Power Equipment Sets
General Surgical Table Ultra Sound
Shoulder Beach Chair Patient Monitors
Video Processor Ear, Nose & Throat A Spider Arm

Thank you for your support of our medical teams! Because of you, we are able to advance the care critically needed by patients, especially in the OR.