Caring for the aging

Jasmine Hwang is a registered nurse and a clinical instructor pursuing doctoral studies. She was awarded the Florence and Lloyd Cooper Alberta Registered Nurses Educational Trust (ARNET) Scholarship for the excellence she’s shown in pursuing her research in the management of early dementia.

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Life changes in an instant

Young, healthy and strong, Terry’s life changed in an instant. At just 27 years old, Terry was in an accident that changed his life and that of his wife, Carly.

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When two passions come together

Melanie Zhao began her nursing career in Cardiology and Internal Medicine in 2018. A graduate from the University of Calgary, she always found herself loving the learning aspect of her studies and thought that teaching nursing in the future would be a path she would like to explore.

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NICU care takes a village

Seventeen years have passed since Heather Bala-Edwards left the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at the Foothills Medical Centre with her new baby, Adam, in her arms. For Heather, it feels like a lifetime has passed since that time but reliving the memories makes it feel like yesterday for her.

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An interview with a grateful mom

Sarah, at just 35 years old, was found in her home unconscious with her young son by her side. She was rushed to the hospital where doctors began to try and unravel the complexities of her neurocritical emergency.

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Joelle’s journey of fighting breast cancer

For World Cancer Day, we’d like to share a personal story of one of our own staff who battled cancer and has not let it define her. Stories like Joelle’s bring us together, as we’re all touched in some way by cancer, whether through friends or family.

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