Linda Moeu, Respiratory
Outpatient Clinic

Nina Gerrior, Emergency
Department Admitting

Ericson Bruno,
Psychiatric Outreach
Response Team

Dr. Erin Brennand,
Obstetrics &

Linda Moeu, Respiratory
Outpatient Clinic

Nina Gerrior, Emergency
Department Admitting

Ericson Bruno,
Psychiatric Outreach
Response Team

Dr. Erin Brennand,
Obstetrics &

A personal way to say ‘Thanks’

By making a gift through Heroes in Health, patients and families have an opportunity to express gratitude and share a message of thanks with Alberta Health Services or Carewest Staff.

Our health care heroes consistently demonstrate compassion, empathy, professionalism, and exemplary care for those they serve, making a difference in the lives of both patients and their families.

Whether it’s the physician who guided you through a difficult diagnosis, the nurse who checked your vitals and brought a smile to your face, the health care aid who made your children or parents laugh during a difficult time, or the entire care team who brought you through your recovery, you can recognize the impact they had on you through the Heroes in Health program.

Make your grateful patient gift and nominate a hero today.


How will your Hero in Health be recognized?

When you make a donation to Heroes in Health, you have an opportunity to write a note of thanks to your health care hero, and they will receive your message of gratitude along with a commemorative pin through Calgary Health Foundation. We will also notify their supervisor that a donation has been made in their honour.

Calgary Health Foundation is proud to be able to recognize the Heroes in Health who go above and beyond the call of duty. We owe immense gratitude to our health care heroes, life savers, and supporters who make a difference in our lives today and every day.

Your gift will both make a difference in care today, and enable breakthroughs in the future of our health care, tomorrow.

Recent Heroes

View our recent Heroes at Foothills Medical Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre, Rockyview General Hospital, and South Health Campus!


Department Head, Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Erin Brennand

As the Department Head for Obstetrics & Gynecology, the impact of Dr. Brennand’s work is far reaching. Erin wears many hats including those of clinician, researcher and administrator and has a significant impact in each of these areas, bringing the unique health needs of women to the forefront. From improving patient care and fiscal responsibility to impactful research that is driving change, Dr. Brennand is on the cutting edge of research and innovative care.

Nurse Practitioner, Burn Unit

Lindsay Burnett

“Lindsay connects with patients and their families and will go above and beyond to improve their experience. This includes bringing families from the ICU to the inpatient burn unit for them to see the unit before the patient is transferred, ensuring complex discharge needs are met prior to leaving the hospital, and providing consistent follow up care. Lindsay leads with compassion for our burn survivors and their families and encourages all staff to follow her example.” Danielle Fuchko

Physician, Palliative Consult Services

Dr. Eglee Gimon

“Dr. Gimon is quietly empathetic, applying her accumulated knowledge of symptom management to alleviate the suffering of patients while at the same time ensuring their dignity at this difficult stage of life. Dr. Gimon impacts the dignity and quality of life for palliative patients on a daily basis while at the same time providing emotional and clinical support to others on her team.” Bill Thornton

Physiotherapist, Allied Health

Lauren Park

“Lauren demonstrates leadership qualities within the Physio department, Allied Health department, and within her Cardiovascular ICU team. She is committed to improving patient care outcomes and quality of care. She strives to provide best patient care practices on a daily basis. Lauren led an innovative research project as the first in Canada to implement a new standard of care following open heart surgery. “Keep Your Move in the Tube”.” Jennifer Donaldson

Director for Power Plant Operations, Facilities, Maintenance & Engineering

Muhammad Rasheed

“Muhammad has worked for AHS for over 45 years. He is a silent hero. You never know there is a problem until its been resolved. He has worked throughout the night keeping systems running when weather was extreme. He keeps the systems running and working in normal condition to ensure the patient care journey is positive and this allows the medical teams to focus on their needs.” Noel Hayden

Administrative Assistant, Department of General Surgery

Tammy Skilnick-Mierau

“Tammy has been my admin assistant and clinic assistant for over 9 years. She is an invaluable member of my Endocrine Surgical team. Her hard work and dedication to my surgical patients is demonstrated every day. The patients know they can count on her to help them navigate the system. Tammy goes above and beyond in her role as an admin, she truly cares about each of our patients and is always there for them. She goes out of her way to arrange follow-up testing, checks in with those that need extra care, and her sense of humour helps put the patient at ease when they come into the clinic.” Dr. Janice Pasieka

Facilities, Maintenance & Engineering Team

“The PLC FM&E Department is staffed by caring, compassionate, empathetic and caring workers who are always doing their best and going above and beyond when it comes to completing any task asked of them, often at a moments notice.” Renee McNeil

Admitting, Emergency Department

Nina Gerrior

“Nina has worked in Admitting & Registration in the PLC Emergency Department for over 20 years. “An admirable, compassionate, caring hero who assists patients with the admitting and registration process who helps ease the anxieties of the patients and their family members when presenting to the Emergency Dept. And, as an Indigenous staff member, she takes pride in her heritage.” Agnes Veckenstedt

Registered Nurse, Transition Services

Sarah Jackson-Suisham

“Sarah’s main role with TS is community placement for pts that can no longer go home. She works diligently to ensure that all of her pts are placed in the appropriate facility, for the pts level of care. She is kind & compassionate when speaking with pts, & families, & does her best to ensure they feel understood & heard. She is an exceptional professional. She goes above and beyond for her patients. Sarah is a strong patient advocate. She is very diplomatic and will question any concern she sees. She ensures no one “slips through the cracks”.” Georgy Leigh

Social Worker, Mental Health

Jeremy Rowe

“Jeremy is not only a model colleague, but also an outstanding social worker. Wherever he goes, he creates a peaceful and joyful environment. Jeremy is deeply loved by not just Unit 25, but all of PLC Psychiatry. He is extremely caring and empathetic, while maintaining professionalism. He is always there to offer you help or a coffee, when you are tired. Jeremy is a very hard worker and performs stressful work with grace. He recently finished his Masters of Social Work, while working full time as a social worker on Unit 25.” Anna Swanson

Registered Nurse, Pulmonary

Amy York

“Amy has devoted countless years to unit 39. She provides compassion and quality care to each and every patient she encounters. She has built such strong relationships with many of the post-lung transplant patients who come to unit 39 over the many years. She is a mentor to new graduates/new staff on the unit and sets an example to what others should strive for when providing patient care.” Kaitlyn York

Protective Services Team

The Protective Services staff members are often unsung, unnoticed heroes of Rockyview. These officers are always compassionate and respectful towards our patients and staff. They are great at de-escalation through their professional, calm, and kind approaches. Thank you to the Protective Services Team for ensuring staff, patients, and families feel safe in our hospital.

Unit Manager, Unit 83

Angela Cheng

As the Unit Manager on Unit 83, Colorectal / General Surgery, Angela’s colleagues have described her as monumental in improving staff morale, ensuring that everyone feels cared for and valued. She is not only known for actively supporting her staff, but also being very involved in improving patient care, and making positive changes on the unit. Thank you, Angela, for setting an example for us all.

Therapist Assistant, Addictions and Mental Health

Anusha Fernando

Anusha is a Therapy Assistant on Unit 48, Geriatric Mental Health. She has a way with people of all ages, backgrounds, and stories, making everyone feel welcome and comfortable. She gives patients hope and leaves a lasting effect on everyone she meets. Thank you, Anusha, for continually going above and beyond.

Unit Clerk, Respiratory Outpatient Clinic

Linda Moeu

As a Unit Clerk with Outpatient Medicine, Linda has directly improved the health experience of hundreds of patients through her own personal care, always making them feel as though their health is our priority. She goes above and beyond daily and is a true Hero in Health. Linda, thank you for role modeling exceptional work.

Nurse Clinician, Emergency Department

Ken Mont

Ken is a Nurse Clinician in the Emergency Department. Together with Dr. Christine East, Ken developed the Frequent Visitors program for the Calgary Zone, improving care and safety for a population of patients that can sometimes be overlooked in health care. It is through leadership like yours that transformative change occurs. Thank you, Ken.

Registered Nurse, Unit 93/94

Suzanne Pajot-Phipps

Suzanne is a nurse on Unit 93/94, Internal Medicine. She shows up to work every day with a positive mindset, always willing to help anyone who needs it. Suzanne makes patients feel safe, cared for, and heard. Thank you for the positive impact you have on patient care, Suzanne.

Registered Nurse, Surgical

Myshella Parkin

As a Nurse Clinician on Unit 84, Surgical, Myshella takes great care to keep her patients safe through education and strives to enable safe discharges on a daily basis, thereby preventing rehospitalizations. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many patients Myshella.

Clinical Nurse Educator, Unit 64

Claudette Westerbeek

Claudette is a Clinical Nurse Educator on Unit 64, Postpartum & Surgery. She has a passion for women’s health and teaching. Her hard work and enthusiasm goes far beyond her actual job description, and she makes changes easier with her guidance and positivity. Thank you, Claudette, for the incredible work you are doing.

Physician, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Huma Ali

Dr. Huma Ali, a physician in Emergency Medicine, helped institute Schwarz Rounds at South Health Campus, which promotes health care worker wellness and allows our health care team to better care for patients and their families, supporting them in emotionally challenging experiences of their health care journey. Thank you, Huma, for this incredible work you are doing.

Registered Nurse, Psychiatric Outreach Response Team

Ericson Bruno

Ericson is a Registered Nurse with the Psychiatric Outreach Response Team. On a regular basis, he helps improve patient’s experiences by identifying gaps in care and offering solutions. He also helps answer client/family questions, especially when it comes to systems navigation. Ericson, thank you for all you do.

Unit Clerk, Neuromuscular Clinic

Jennifer Coish

As a Clerk in the South Health Campus Neuromuscular Clinic, Jennifer’s colleagues have described her as “a blessing to all departments,” and say that they would not survive without her. Jennifer, you always put patients first, remaining calm and professional in every situation, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Thank you, Jennifer, for setting an example for us all.

Nurse Practitioner, ICU

Kirsten Deemer

Kirsten is a Nurse Practitioner in the ICU. Together with her colleagues, she created the Persistent Critical Illness—or PerCI—pathway, which provides a template of care for critical care patients that are requiring a prolonged stay in the ICU. Kirsten, thank you for empowering patients and their families to contribute to their care plan.

Learn more about Kirsten!

Physiotherapist, Inpatient Physiotherapy

Scott Maddison

As a Physical Therapist in Inpatient Physiotherapy, Scott’s dedication and hard work have not gone unnoticed. Scott, your colleagues have described your patient care as exceptional, describing you as thorough, patient-focused and collaborative. Thank you, Scott for role modeling exceptional work.

Registered Nurse, Pulmonary Diagnostic Clinic

Kirk Mathison

Kirk is a Nurse Clinician in the Interstitial Lung Disease Clinic. Kirk, your colleagues have commended you on your integrity, reliability, organization, and innovation. You are always focused on providing the best patient care. Thank you, Kirk, for continually going above and beyond.

Calgary Advanced Respiratory Disease Clinic

Heather Mulders, Dr. Tara Lohmann, and Yvonne Klaver

Together, Tara, Heather, and Yvonne developed the Calgary Advanced Respiratory Disease—or CARE—Clinic, providing a safe space for patients to plan and talk about their end-of-life journey. The creation of this clinic has meant that patients are able to be in their homes long, which is truly a gift to the patients, their families, and the health care system. Tara, Heather, and Yvonne, thank you all for making a difference. Your care and compassion has provided relief for so many patients and their families.

Business & Unit Manager, Surgical Services

Michelle Shand

As Business Manager & Unit Manager for Surgical Services, Michelle leads with empathy. She is contributing to the positive environment at South Health by building relationships across departments, leading to improved communication and ultimately better patient outcomes. It is through leadership like yours that transformative change occurs. Thank you, Michelle.

Showcasing our Heroes in Health

Kirsten Deemer

Kirsten Deemer is a Nurse Practitioner in the Intensive Care Unit at South Health Campus. Together with her colleagues, she created the Persistent Critical Illness – or PerCI– pathway, which provides a template of care for critically ill patients that require a prolonged stay in the ICU. Kirsten empowers patients and their families to contribute to their care plan. That’s what makes Kirsten our Hero in Health!

Ken Mont

Ken Mont is a Nurse Clinician in the Emergency Department at Rockyview General Hospital. He has dedicated nearly 30 years working in Emergency, and together with Dr. Christine East, they’ve developed a program that aims to improve care and safety for a population of patients. That’s what makes Ken our Hero in Health!

Lauren Park

Lauren Park is a physiotherapist who has dedicated her career to helping patients recovering in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) at Foothills Medical Centre. Her commitment to innovating and improving physiotherapy practices after heart surgery is what makes Lauren a Hero in Health!

Program FAQs

What is the best way to say thanks for excellent patient care?

Our team understands that patients and families may wish to show their appreciation by giving gifts to Alberta Health Services (AHS) staff. Our incredible partners at AHS are committed to caring for patients and their families, and they are honoured that you may wish to show your gratitude.

A perfect way to say ‘thanks’ is to make a donation in your care provider or care team’s honour through Calgary Health Foundation’s Heroes in Health program. By honouring an individual or team, you are letting them know that they made a difference in your life and care journey.

Alberta Health Services staff adhere to a code of ethics that does not permit them to accept individual gifts.

How do I say thanks with a donation?

You can demonstrate your gratitude to a person or team that made a difference in your care journey by making a donation through Calgary Health Foundation’s Heroes in Health program.

You can choose to honour an individual or a specific unit/ program and write a message of gratitude. Your words of thanks will be relayed along with a certificate of recognition and commemorative pin to the person or team.

Donate online.

Who can I honour with a Heroes in Health gift?

You can choose to honour an individual or a specific unit/ program!

Will my Hero(es) in Health know that I honoured them?

Yes, your Hero or Heroes in Health will know that you made a gift in their honour; Calgary Health Foundation staff will present the pin and certificate of recognition to them, as well notify as their supervisor. The amount you gave in gratitude will not be shared with your Hero in Health.