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For more firsts in

Women's Health

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Your donations drive progress toward gender equity.

Only 3.4% of total research funding in Alberta goes toward female-specific health concerns. This is despite women making up 51% of the provincial population.

That’s why we, with the support of our donors, are inviting the community to join us to help close the gap! Like helping create and fund a centre for excellence in women’s health.

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Did you know?


Only 3.4% of total research funding in the province goes toward female-specific health concerns.

Alberta’s population is steadily increasing, with 1.3 million more women projected to live here in the next 30 years!

Almost 25% of women are impacted by pelvic floor disorders.

Heart attacks go unrecognized in women up to 54% of the time.

You can have an impact on patients who face female-specific health issues.

Read these inspiring patient stories, highlighting why receiving timely, world-class medical care is crucial when time is of the essence.

Ashley was just three days post-partum when her husband, Nick, found her unconscious on the bathroom floor as she was having a severe seizure. At just 32 years old, she found herself in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with a life-threatening stroke.

Your support will help provide the funding and resources that our top medical teams need to keep driving forward important transformations for Women’s Health in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Dr. Erin Brennand is part of the team leading research and understanding in women’s health that will make Calgary a national leader.

From research into diseases more prominent in women, to empowering healthcare workers, to training in the unique ways some illnesses present in women, there are many ways you can break down barriers to breakthroughs in female-centered care.

Let’s create more firsts in Women’s Health, together.