An introductory message from our leadership

Over the last quarter-century, philanthropy has transformed thousands of lives in our community by accelerating health care innovation and improving access to life-changing procedures.

Since the amalgamation of health care foundations in Calgary in 1996, over $550 million has been raised in health care, wellness and research. The impact of your generous contributions is profound.

SANDY EDMONSTONE, Board Chair, Calgary Health Foundation

Summary of Calgary Health Foundation investments


1,000+ more

surgeries per year are now possible with the opening of an additional operating room at Peter Lougheed Centre.

11,000+ patients

undergo minimally invasive diagnostic and interventional cardiac procedures in the cardiac cath-lab at Foothills Medical Centre.

1.7X increase

in demand for Cardiopulmonary Stress Tests (CPET) due to the rise of Long COVID supported by donors with a new piece of equipment at Rockyview General Hospital.


256 referrals

to community agencies representing health, housing, substance use treatment and various other resources via the Recovery Coaches four month trial.

3,700 women

tuned into Calgary Health Foundation’s virtual conversations, which took on the uncomfortable topics in women’s health.

1.5X higher

rate of overdose reported in 2020 than in previous years making additions to triage for the 40 bed* Renfrew Recovery Centre critical.

* Capacity adjusted due to COVID-19 protocols


> $1.8M

in funding completed to six projects advancing care for high-risk pregnancies and complications at birth.

Nine areas

via the P3 co-hort study for the prediction, prevention and intervention of preterm birth.

* With a total investment of $5M with the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation

800,000 individuals

age 18 to 65 identified as having substance use and/or a mental health issue in Alberta as part of the PRECISE-MH research data collection*.

* As of April, 2018

A spotlight on how donors are advancing care for Southern Alberta

Foothills Medical Centre

Almost $600K (during fiscal year 2021)

With the support of a generous donor, funded the Blood Coagulopathy Monitoring Project led by Dr. Prism Schneider, to better predict the risk of blood clotting related complications.

Peter Lougheed Centre

$1.37M total investment by Calgary Health Foundation donors

Completed funding to open the expansion of eight care spaces within the Hemodialysis Unit to provide care for an additional 48 patients.

Rockyview General Hospital

Almost $25,000 to advance care

Provided state-of-the-art equipment and training in the area of CPR intervention for cardiac arrest patients to provide the best in life-saving technology.

South Health Campus

$144K in funding to ensure critical equipment is available

Provided two new Manoscan towers and scopes for the Gut Motility Clinic to optimize high-resolution diagnostics for patients experiencing digestive issues due to nerves and muscles of the gut not working in coordination.


Close to $17K in donor funding to enhance quality of life programming.

Funded enhancements to quality of life programming such as tablets for residents, flowers for the horticulture program and bringing spaces to life through art murals.

Community Health

$30K to ensure the best support during the more difficult times.

Supported advancements made to the Grief Support Program, providing specialized individual and group therapy for those needing care in grief and bereavement.

Net fundraising revenue



Major gifts & bequests

Annual programs




Lottery revenues
(up from $13.8M in 2021)


Donation revenues
(up from $8.3M in 2021)


Event Revenues
(up from $375k in 2021)

Your support provides funds that enhance care, wellness and research to transforms lives of patients in Southern Alberta and around the world.


cost to raise a dollar
(three year average 25%)


Revenue per full time employee


held in endowments


Restricted funds committed to capital projects and program advancements

Total disbursements

Capital projects & equipment

Programs & education


Annual Programs


Total Disbursements









* includes disbursements to the University of Calgary

A graph showing a progress bar saying disbursements by location and $105M with the four different Calgary adult hospitals shown in the bar, Community Health & Calgary-Zone, Carewest Continuing Care, Research, and Other Organizations as the other disbursements


Committed to future projects

Note: Calgary Health Foundation disburses money to Alberta Health Services (AHS) and the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine at agreed increments or at project and purchase completion as a reimbursement. Total disbursements represents project dollars that have been reimbursed, however is not inclusive of all the project commitments Calgary Health Foundation has made.