Carewest staff go the extra mile for grateful car accident survivor and his family

In October of 2020, 20 year old Julian was in a horrific car accident while on his way home from celebrating a friend’s birthday. The car he was a passenger in hit a pole and flipped before landing on its side, and setting on fire.

Luckily, Julian emerged from the wreck alive, but he sustained multiple serious injuries including a compound fracture on his left femur, fractured his left tibia head, broke both his feet, cracked a vertebrae, and suffered multiple pulmonary contusions. Due to the severity of his injuries, Julian was rushed into surgery the same evening to place plates and screws in his broken bones.

For the first week in his long recovery, Julian received care at Foothills Medical Centre, before being transferred to Carewest Glenmore for specialized care of the Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Unit (MSK).

“I didn’t want to accept the fact that this accident and my injuries were my reality. I wanted to discharge myself and go home. Looking back, I’m so glad the staff at Carewest didn’t let me go home at that time. Without them, I would not have learnt how to walk again,” Julian recalled.

Julian’s mom, Bonnie, explains how grateful she is for the care her son was receiving during such a traumatic time.

“Julian was fortunately placed on the main floor so we were able to visit him through the window during his two weeks of quarantine, after being transferred to Carewest from Foothills hospital,” says Bonnie, “Julian’s care team was so compassionate and accommodating during an already stressful time for them as healthcare workers in the midst of a pandemic.”

Due to Julian’s tenacious drive to recover at home, he received a weekend pass from his care team to see if he could navigate well on crutches. If he could manage, the care team agreed he would go home. Bonnie recalls that the weekend pass provided her the comfort to know that they would be okay, and that Julian would be able to continue safely recovering at home.

“2020 was the worst year of my life, but I am so thankful to the staff at Carewest Glenmore Park. It means the world to me that they stood by me, literally supporting me as I took my first steps towards recovery after my accident. It’s because of them, that I am who I am today,” says Julian.

Bonnie made a gift of gratitude in support of Carewest because of the care Julian received after his life-altering accident. “I am so grateful, and I want the staff at Carewest to know that we recognize how difficult it is to treat patients every day with a smile.

“Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you did for my son.” – Bonnie

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