Recent donation brings new, immersive experiences to Carewest residents

Here’s Carewest resident, Terena, using the meditation app.  She’s looking forward to swimming with the virtual dolphins, so she can check it off her bucket list.

Dozens, and soon to be hundreds, of residents from over five Carewest facilities will have the opportunity to engage in captivating new experiences through virtual reality technology. Virtual Reality (VR) provides rich and immersive experiences for residents. Every scenario is specifically adapted for the user.

Through this technology, residents are able to explore personally relevant new (and old) locations. They can perform ‘larger than life’ activities such as rock climbing or swimming.

Recreational Therapist, Kristina McGowan, has noted that the new technology has been extremely well received by residents at the Fanning Centre.

“We would truly like to thank our generous donor for the purchase of Virtual Reality equipment for the residents of Carewest. 

This has provided an opportunity for our residents to explore virtual worlds and engage with technology on a level that they previously thought impossible

Recreational Therapist, Kristina McGowan

We look forward to expanding our program throughout our facilities and using VR technology both in therapeutic interventions as well as leisure activities in order to continue to enhance the quality of life for our residents,” says Kristina.

In addition, mobile sensory carts will be received by multiple Carewest facilities in the coming weeks to add to the program. ”Offering aromatherapy, weighted blankets, music and visual displays, the carts will provide a sensory experience that will invite residents to be present, relax and de-stress,” says Emily Dukeshire, recreational therapist at Carewest, Signal Pointe.

These carts will soon welcome residents with calming surroundings, using a wide range of relaxing sensory interactions. 

These new opportunities to enhance residents’ experience and provide new therapies has been made possible thanks to the generosity of the Allardyce Bower Foundation, through Calgary Health Foundation. The Allardyce Bower Foundation strives to invest in health and wellness, and was eager to support innovative programming for members of their community. Donate to Carewest.

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