August 23, 2022

25 Years: Built on the shoulders of giants

Under his bold vision and strong leadership, Mr. Bud McCaig and fellow philanthropic business leaders reshaped health care’s charitable sector in Calgary. Today, our donors continue to step forward to bring innovation, change and better outcomes for people across Southern Alberta.

Prior to 1996, Calgary hospitals, continuing care and other community health programs were supported by individual health foundations. While their work was incredible, its reach wasn’t as far as it could be collectively if they were all working together for their causes. Mr. McCaig, chair of the Calgary Regional Health Authority was tasked with restructuring the health care system and he saw an opportunity to make the greatest impact by amalgamating the foundations.

Because of incredible donor support for this pioneering idea, $550M has been raised over 25 years to revolutionize health outcomes. It was called Calgary Health Trust and later became Calgary Health Foundation.

Over the next few years, six foundations were brought together paving the way for loyal donors to join in a greater mission. Many leaders of that time considered philanthropy as a civic duty and an expectation of their roles.

“Bud felt we all had a responsibility to do what we could to make the community the very best it could be,” said Ann McCaig, Chair Emeritus, Calgary Health Foundation and wife of the late Bud McCaig.

Because of the vision and passion that started Calgary Health Foundation, a quarter of a century later, we are still making bold investments that are challenging the status quo, investing in innovators with incredible vision, and striving for world-class care.

“We developed a brand very consistent with the vision from before. That vision is about not accepting the status quo and relentlessly advancing care, wellness and research. Our energy and passion are continuing to drive that forward,” said Mike Meldrum, President and CEO of the Calgary Health Foundation.

The accomplishments achieved are outstanding and demonstrate the breadth and reach of the Foundation’s unique model to touch all aspects of health care delivery and to work in collaboration with Alberta Health Services to meet the diverse needs of people across the city and throughout Southern Alberta.

See 25 years of impact investments in this years Annual Report.

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