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When you make a gift as a grateful client or family member, you have the opportunity to express your gratitude and share messages of thanks to staff who made a difference to you. Your gift will make a difference to care today – and into the future for others!



Carewest programs and services cover a range of care including long-term care, rehabilitation and recovery services, and community programs. They strive to meet the needs of the community through quality care while effectively and efficiently responding to an ever-changing health care system.

At Carewest, they support all clients in maintaining their quality of life as they transition through their health care journey. As the public provider of continuing care specialized services in Calgary they focus on:

  • Programs to enable community living;
  • Rehabilitation services to enable return to the community, and;
  • Residential and support care services for complex medical and mental health needs.

Spotlight Specialties

  • Chronic Complex Care
  • EQuaL (Enabling Quality of Living)
  • Seniors’ Care
  • Mental Health Care for adults with complex behaviours
  • Supportive living
  • Alternative level care from acute hospital
  • Geriatric Mental Health Program
  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) Program
  • Rehabilitation and Community Transition Program (RCTP)
  • Neuro Rehabilitation Program

Quick Facts

61 Years In Operation

14 Locations

3,277 Staff and Physicians

1,016 Long-term care residents

285 Transitioning rehab and recovery patients from acute care

40 Supportive living residents (level 4)

45 Alternative level of care residents that require care and support while they await an appropriate living

8 Community beds for respite care

180 Active clients in the Comprehensive Community Care (C3) program*

49 Clients under 65 who participate in Young Adult Day (YADS) program, who may suffer from chronic illness or physical disabilities

697 People in training in the Supportive Pathways Program, providing knowledge and skills to improve the quality of life for people living with dementia

400+ Veterans and RCMP members supported by the Operational Stress Injury (OSI) clinic

Support Carewest

Enhancing Wellness

COVID-19 restrictions left many in long-term care facilities facing an isolating reality of limited social interactions and reduced quality of life programs. Your donations help keep residents socially and cognitively engaged.

"[VR technology] has provided an opportunity for our residents to explore virtual worlds and engage with technology on a level that they previously thought impossible."




Virtual visits continue to make a world of difference

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Calgary Health Foundation donors have been supporting many areas that are impacting the lives of people in our community. Support for our vulnerable populations has been an important part of that.

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Recent donation brings new, immersive experiences to Carewest residents

Dozens, and soon to be hundreds, of residents from over five Carewest facilities will have the opportunity to engage in captivating new experiences through virtual reality technology. Virtual Reality (VR) provides rich and immersive experiences for residents. Every scenario is specifically adapted for the user. Through this technology, residents are able to explore personally relevant

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Your support is impacting the lives of our most vulnerable community members

Your donation to support our most vulnerable populations during the pandemic has assisted with both urgent and long-term needs. From early aide in COVID-19 preparedness to quality of life support for many in isolation, your donation has let our most vulnerable citizens know the community is here for them.

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Your donations are advancing mental health initiatives and building resiliency

Your support of mental health over the course of the pandemic is impacting the lives of thousands of Albertans adjusting to changes happening every day. Your donations are supporting mental wellness initiatives for those who need them the most.

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Carewest $1 M Close to Home Campaign

Improving quality of life for seniors through the Close to Home Campaign which generated over $1M to enhance long-term care and making Carewest facilities really feel like home.

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You’re Helping Loved Ones in Long-Term Care

Our donors have told us that they are particularly concerned with the well-being of our vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. We had the opportunity to speak with Jason Kosolofski, Recreation Therapist at Carewest George Boyack Care Centre, about what day-to-day life has been like for residents during these challenging times and how you’ve supported them in their time of need.

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