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Investing $3.5M in limb preservation and precision vascular surgery, facilitating the redevelopment of a new Vascular Surgery Centre for Southern Alberta.

Redevelopment of a
new Vascular Centre of Excellence

Thanks to donor support, the Vascular Centre of Excellence at Peter Lougheed Centre became the only centre in Western Canada to offer minimally invasive treatments for vascular diseases in 2015. This centre takes a holistic approach that helps those living with vascular disease to receive life-long, patient centred care.

From proactively mitigating high-risk habits to minimally invasive surgeries and post-operative care, patients are receiving the support they need to be in control of their own health thanks to Calgary Foundation donors. This centre helps to increase capacity, provide state of the art equipment and brings caregivers together in one space making care more efficient. The Vascular Centre of Excellence redevelopment included two hybrid operating suites, a new inpatient unit and a new vascular surgery special care unit.

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