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This $1M donation is enhancing world-class care for patients managing diabetes and vascular disease at risk of amputation of feet and/or lower limbs.

The Limb Preservation Centre opened to patients in October 2016, and is now providing care to approximately 8,000 patients each year. A portion of the funds from this $1M donation were dedicated towards the purchase of state-of-the-art technology that helps with early detection, as well as assessment of vascular issues that are a major risk factor in limb loss.

The Centre continues to be active in multiple research initiatives that are working to further improve care. After a career in Podiatric Surgery in Alberta, Dr. Mark Zivot left the practice several years ago, but has maintained close contact with his Podiatric colleagues, watching the program grow to meet patient needs.

“Philanthropy has played an important part in my life and I wanted to provide a substantial donation with direct purpose and passion. Not just a gift of dollars, but a gift of my knowledge, experience and time,” Dr. Zivot explains. “The naming of the Zivot Limb Preservation Center is a great honour, and I am most gracious for the opportunity to give back to health care.”

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