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When you make a gift as a grateful patient or family member, you have the opportunity to express your gratitude and share messages of thanks to staff who made a difference to you. Your gift will make a difference to care today – and into the future for others!



Peter Lougheed Centre serves Calgary’s growing and diverse population in the city’s north east. It is home to one of the busiest emergency rooms and a growing number of specialty and surgical services. The hospital has one of the best vascular surgery programs and is a training ground for anterior hip replacement surgery and one-day knee replacements for surgeons across Western Canada.

Named after Alberta’s Premier (1971-1985), Peter Lougheed, the Centre has been continuously growing to keep up with the city’s demands. As the only hospital accessible by train, the Centre provides care to many of the city’s vulnerable and has unique partnerships with a number of agencies across Calgary.

Spotlight Specialties

  • Vascular Surgery
  • Limb Preservation Clinic
  • Mental Health and Addiction Services
  • Complex Disease Management
  • Alberta Kidney Care
  • Pediatrics

Quick Facts

1988 Opened

600 Beds

4,500 Staff

600 Physicians

17,193 Patients Admitted

72,000 Emergency Visits

13,000 Surgeries

5,172 Births

58,174 Ambulatory (outpatient)

Support Peter Lougheed Centre

Recovery from a brain emergency is possible

The lives of healthy, active people can change in an instant – mere seconds – as a result of a brain emergency. Your gift to Calgary Health Foundation this holiday season will help our family of hospitals improve neurocritical care specialty services.

Supporting frontline care

Healthcare heroes continue to care for us in our greatest time of need. Your donation will help our care teams as they remain tirelessly committed to ensure that every person receives the best care they need when they need it.

For patients waiting, the need is critical!

Every day counts for patient’s waiting for surgery. As the hospital’s ICU needs delay surgeries for patients, it means that they need to be ready to come back better than ever for every patient dealing with the uncertainty, pain and effects caused by waiting.

"We could not let the compassion and love of Dean's care team go unnoticed. If it wasn't for them, and the support they gave to me and my boys during this time, we wouldn't have Dean with us here today."

Goranson Family

Peter Lougheed Centre


Breakthroughs happen and lives are transformed at Peter Lougheed Centre every day. Here are just a few examples.

Hero in Health: Muhammad Rasheed

Muhammad has been passionate about ensuring the hospital runs seamlessly for his entire career. That’s what makes Muhammad our Hero in Health!

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Podiatric medicine fellowship first of its kind in Canada

Alberta family with a long history of philanthropic giving funds fellowship in partnership with Calgary Health Foundation.

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Turning tragedy into healing a community

In December of 2019, Amen Dhaliwal was preparing to welcome her second daughter, who was due to arrive just after Christmas. Five days before her due date, she didn’t feel any movement and was alarmed, knowing that her baby was generally very active.

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Philanthropic partnership reduces pressure with minor surgery expansion

A new minor surgery clinical space at Peter Lougheed Centre was made possible in partnership with a donation from local philanthropist, Dr. Mark Zivot.

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The Gift of Life: New technology saves Shirley’s heart

An “internal explosion.” That’s how Shirley describes the moment when her aorta detached.

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Continuing to improve healthcare delivery in Calgary

More than $4 million has been invested to expand hemodialysis services and upgrade air exchange systems at the Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary.

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