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Rockyview General Hospital is Calgary’s second largest hospital site. Located in the city’s Southwest, it provides acute, outpatient, critical care, surgical, medical, neonatal intensive care, mental health, seniors, women’s and emergency health services. The facility is home to two units dedicated to acute care geriatrics and is the major urology and ophthalmology referral center with a public eye clinic that provides services to patients across southern Alberta and parts of British Columbia.

A new program, Complex Care Hub – Hospital at Home (CCH), opened in February 2018. The program admits patients directly from the Emergency Department to the care of the CCH team. Although patients are considered in the care of the hospital, they remain at home and receive diagnostic and treatment support from the CCH team and Community Paramedics.

Spotlight Specialities

  • Ophthalmology
  • Gastrointestinal (GI) and Genitourinary (GU)
  • Seniors health
  • Mental health services
  • Orthopedics
  • Complex Care Hub – Hospital at Home (CCH)

Quick Facts

1966 Opened

615 Beds

4,090 Staff

520 Physicians

32,485 Patients Admitted

79,000 Emergency Visits

20,000 Surgeries

4,000 Births

124,587 Medical outpatients (per year)

Support Rockyview General Hospital

Recovery from a brain emergency is possible

The lives of healthy, active people can change in an instant – mere seconds – as a result of a brain emergency. Your gift to Calgary Health Foundation this holiday season will help our family of hospitals improve neurocritical care specialty services.

Supporting frontline care

Health care heroes continue to care for us in our greatest time of need. Your donation will help our care teams as they remain tirelessly committed to ensure that every person receives the best care they need when they need it.

As someone living with a chronic bowel disease, the expansion at Rockyview General Hospital will be an important step in enhancing care for thousands of Albertans who suffer from bowel disease and rely on quick access to GI services to get a proper diagnosis, treatment options and care.

Krista Deveau

Rockyview General Hospital


Breakthroughs happen and lives are transformed at Rockyview General Hospital every day. Here are just a few examples.

Sandra Schmirler Foundation donates $70,000 to Calgary NICUs

Jocelyn Peterman and Brett Gallant are best known for being Olympic curlers, but the title of mom and dad is one they are most proud of. Jocelyn had a smooth pregnancy and didn’t expect that she’d ever need the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

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Understanding grief in terminal patients

Working with palliative care patients has always been very rewarding for Randip Dhaliwal, and she’s been awarded an ARNET scholarship.

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Thriving against all odds

Ryan and Kristine went from lowest of lows to the highest of highs in just 12 hours, after their daughter was born two months premature. What stands out most for Ryan regarding the care they received was how amazing the nurses were.

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Calgary Health Foundation invests $12M to expand GI clinic at Rockyview General Hospital

Project at Rockyview will create more space for patients needing intensive care while boosting the size of the gastrointestinal clinic.

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A Light at the End of a Long Journey – Krista’s Story

Every time you make a gift to health care, you’re impacting the life of someone who needs you. Whether you’re making a gift to care, wellness or research, you’re standing up to challenge the status quo for people living with chronic diseases.

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Daddy’s Girls: The King’s Corner

As expectant parents to triplets, Shane and Tanya were eagerly anticipating meeting their three daughters at the 34-week gestation milestone; a delivery plan was in place, and a Caesarean section was scheduled in advance, due to the complicated delivery that commonly accompanies the arrival of triplets.

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