Sandra Schmirler Foundation donates $70,000 to Calgary NICUs

Jocelyn Peterman and Brett Gallant are best known for being Olympic curlers, but the title of mom and dad is one they are most proud of. Jocelyn had a smooth pregnancy and didn’t expect that she’d ever need the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), but when her son presented as breech and required a Cesarean section, he needed extra attention because he was breathing quite quickly and wasn’t able to eat on his own.

They spent four long days in the Foothills Medical Centre NICU, followed by another week at Rockyview General Hospital.

“It was a very overwhelming experience, especially because we weren’t expecting to be in there. The team was incredible. They took such great care of him,” Jocelyn said.

What stuck out to both Jocelyn and Brett was how busy the NICU was, making them realize how vital all the donations that come into the NICU are. These donations help to provide lifesaving equipment to give the tiniest patients the best chance at life.

Jocelyn and Brett both support the Sandra Schmirler Foundation which helps raise funds to purchase life-saving equipment for premature and critically ill babies in Canada. The foundation recently presented Calgary Health Foundation with $70,000 which will go towards supporting equipment for the Southern Alberta Neonatal Transport Service (SANTS) team, advancing care for babies in Calgary NICU’s.

“SANTS provides lifesaving support, transporting up to 60 high-risk infants per month. Some of our smallest and most critical patients. Thank you to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation for this impactful donation.” Muray Sigler, President and CEO, Calgary Health Foundation.

The donation will help SANTS continue to provide critical care for babies requiring transport.

“Our vision is to bring the excellence of care to the patient, rather than wait for the patient to come to the unit. That has been our goal all along with the equipment, programs, and interventions that we have done over the years,” said Dr. Khorshid Mohammad, Medical Director of the SANTS program.

“The Sandra Schmirler Foundation does so much. You don’t realize how valuable all those donations are until you’re sitting in the NICU looking at all the equipment. We were so grateful we had access to all of it. Thank you to all the donors. You have no idea how much families like ours appreciate it,” Jocelyn said.

Their precious baby boy, Luke is doing very well now and you’d never know that he spent time in the NICU.

“It’s been a journey ever since he’s been born, but we’re so happy with where he’s at now. He’s healthy and we’re so proud of him.”

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