Hero in Health: Muhammad Rasheed

Dedicating almost half a century to AHS

Muhammad Rasheed:  Director for Power Plant Operations, Facilities, Maintenance & Engineering (Retired), Foothills Medical Centre.

Muhammad has been passionate about ensuring the hospital runs seamlessly for his entire career. That’s what makes Muhammad our Hero in Health!

Over a span of 46 years in service to Alberta Health Services, Muhammad Rasheed’s daily work routine has undergone various transformations. His career at AHS began at the now-demolished Calgary General Hospital. Following its closure in 1998, he continued his journey at the Peter Lougheed Centre, the old Children’s Hospital and Foothills Medical Centre (FMC) as the Director for Power Plant Operations.

“Muhammad is a silent hero. You never know there is a problem until it’s been resolved. He has worked throughout the night keeping systems running when weather was extreme. He keeps the systems running and working in normal condition to ensure the patient care journey is positive and this allows the medical team to focus on their needs,” said Noel Hayden, the Director of Facilities, Maintenance & Engineering at FMC.

With his extensive training in power engineering and credentials including an MBA, MSc and DBA, Muhammad has undertaken a range of diverse roles throughout his career. A constant thread in each role is his genuine enjoyment of working with people. Beginning his work with AHS in 1977, he felt what was most compelling was keeping hospitals at their optimal functionality so that patients received good care and his colleagues could work comfortably.

Among some of the most difficult challenges that he’s experienced are power failures or outages which can wreak havoc at a hospital.

 “Technical challenges which are usually power failure, affects all of the hospitals. Bad weather can cause many challenges,” Muhammad said.

A unique characteristic about FMC is it’s the only hospital in Calgary that has its own power plant. This provides a reliable source of power and cost savings for the hospital as it’s not relying completely on the city’s grid for electricity.

“In the plant, we generate electrical product, a byproduct of making steam and air conditioning. When we make steam, we also run turbines and the plant is expanding to have gas turbines as well. Steam turbines give us electrical power and save the hospital almost 50% because we generate that power. It’s very useful for the hospital to be self-sustaining,” he said.

With his expertise, he’s been able to help maintain and run the power plant efficiently. The best indication that Muhammad and his team are doing their job is when nobody notices them. Throughout his 25-year tenure at FMC, he has witnessed numerous challenges and successes. What brings him the greatest satisfaction, however, is the ability to fine-tune the power plant, ensuring its seamless operation.

Muhammad recently retired in December 2023 and aspires to write a book and spend time with his family. He says he will miss the people he’s worked with most, but is looking forward to his next chapter. Thank you Muhammad, for your incredible dedication to keeping AHS facilities running every day of the year. With such a long career, it is no wonder he has been recognized as a Hero in Health.

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