SAIT students organize Zumba fundraiser

Five international SAIT students put together a Zumba fundraiser benefitting Calgary Health Foundation as part of an assignment in their project management class. Students were asked to choose a non-profit organization when creating the fundraiser.

“I personally chose Calgary Health Foundation because I just moved to Canada, celebrating my one year of being here this year. The reason we moved here is because we believe Canada has better hospitals and medical benefits compared to my country in the Philippines,” says Janice Santos, the project manager of the group.

Together with Carl Pascua, Rishav, Hasnpreet Kaur, and Shailendra Gurjar, they raised $900 for Calgary Health Foundation. They didn’t expect to raise as much as they did, as they had originally had a goal of $300. They had 45 participants and charged $15 a ticket. The Zumba instructor donated her time to teach for the cause and they had one sponsor who donated $100.

The idea for Zumba came up to promote health and have people start exercising to be physically fit.

“It was all our first time, we had so much fun and it was a great turnout!” said Santos.

Janice hopes their donation will make a difference and improve healthcare for the community.

“We chose the area where help is needed the most. I personally experienced being handled by a nurse and they took such care, especially when I gave birth.”

We’d like to thank Janice and her team for creating an uplifting fundraiser where all funds donated will go to the area of greatest needs.

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