13-year-old donates proceeds of auction to Calgary Health Foundation

After losing Mark Stormoen, a family friend to a quadding accident, Logan Henderson decided to auction his steer and donate all the proceeds to the Foothills Medical Centre, where Mark received care. Logan is only 13 years old and the idea to auction the steer and donate the money to Calgary Health Foundation was his own.

Logan first met Mark at 4-H, a program that enables urban and rural youth and adults to access a safe and inclusive environment to learn life-long skills like cooperation, leadership, critical thinking, decision making, organization, public speaking, and community service.

Two men holding up a novelty cheque for $30,000

“Mark was the nicest person on the planet. It makes me feel good to be able to donate this money in memory of him,” Logan says.

Logan was surprised at the amount of money that was raised. Typically steers get about $5,000, but due to the special circumstances of this auction, it raised a whopping $30,000. His decision to donate 100% of the proceeds from the auction to the Calgary Health Foundation came easily to him.

Mark Stormoen raised the steer and it was one of the last steers that he sold.

Logan’s dad, Mike Henderson, is extremely proud of him. He hopes the money will help the hospital provide excellent care for other patients.

We’d like to thank Logan for his incredible donation and are so impressed that at such a young age, giving back to the community is already at the forefront of his mind.

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