Innovative neuroscience research, care and education

Thanks to the support from Enerplus towards innovative neuroscience research, care, and education in our community, crucial work is being done to treat people with brain aneurysms.

Proceeds from Enerplus’ Touch of Tartans fundraising events over the past five years have supported the vital work of Dr. Alim Mitha, a neuroscientist at the University of Calgary, his colleagues, and students as they continue to make new discoveries to treat people with brain aneurysms. Dr. Mitha and his team can further provide exceptional care for people who require neurovascular treatment while also creating the potential for future breakthroughs.

“I can’t emphasize the importance of the support you have provided to the Mitha Lab,” says Dr. Alim P. Mitha, Cerebrovascular/Endovascular/Skull Base Neurosurgeon, Foothills Medical Centre & Associate Professor of Clinical Neurosciences and Radiology, University of Calgary.

“[This donation] has allowed us to recruit bright and motivated students to work on projects, to increase resources to the lab, and to carry out unique and ground-breaking research projects related to brain aneurysms and brain hemorrhages.”

The Mitha Lab has been able to purchase and maintain a Whole Blood/Optical Lumi-Aggregometer. It allows them to determine the response of patients to blood-thinning medications required for neurovascular procedures such as stent treatment for carotid disease and brain aneurysms. This machine helps determine whether certain patients may be at higher risk of a stroke. This gives Dr. Mitha and his team the potential to make their treatments much safer for patients.

Other projects in the Mitha Lab include:

  • Funding for a study by a PhD student to use stem cells to treat brain aneurysms
  • An exploration of the use of stem cells to make neurovascular stenting procedures safter for patients
  • Research on the impact of brain aneurysms on patients and their caregivers

According to Dr. Mitha, students are getting more support with their work, making lives better for people benefitting from treatment. He is grateful for the support provided for the Mitha Lab, which has dramatically improved the educational experience offered by their laboratory to students and enhanced the care they are able to provide to patients.

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