Annual Impact Report:
More firsts made possible

Why more firsts?

The ‘More firsts’ concept celebrates the meaningful human experiences made possible by the Foundation’s relentless drive to improve healthcare outcomes over the past 28 years.

Inside this year's report

Message from our leaders

More firsts in breast cancer treatment

Supporting Calgary’s refugee population

Investing in reconciliation

More firsts for Carewest residents

Our financials

More firsts in future impact

Cardiac care: Getting to the heart of the matter
Indigenous health: Promoting health equity and culturally appropriate care
Mental health: Raising hope; where healing begins
Seniors’ health: Growing older together
Surgery: Transforming innovation in the OR and beyond
Women’s health: Addressing inequality in care

We all deserve healthy, happy lives, with access to world-leading healthcare right here in our city. Advancing that vision is why our team at Calgary Health Foundation comes to work each day. We strive to make a meaningful impact on people’s lives through better healthcare for everyone.

Financial highlights

Donations revenue


Calgary Health Foundation is committed to transparency in our reporting.

Our Finance & Audit Committee of the Board ensures we continue to operate both efficiently and effectively, while pursuing opportunities to grow our organization’s impact for our donors, our community, and healthcare. We report financial information in two ways: Audited Financial Statements available on our website and through filing the Registered Charity Information Return (T3010), which can be found on the Government of Canada’s website. While both formats utilize the same information, the Foundation’s Audited Financial Statements provide a more detailed assessment of the organization’s performance.

Charitable disbursements

Total disbursements = $15,977,720

Disbursements by type


33%$5,248,666Capital projects & equipment

24%$3,873,067Programs & education


3%$489,420Other organizations

* Includes disbursements to the University of Calgary

Disbursements by Location


40%$6,475,577Acute care [hospitals]

23%$3,625,107Carewest & community

34%$5,387,616University of Calgary

3%$489,420Other organizations