2021 Impact Report


Our hospitals have been the lifeline for our community

A true win-win with your support of lotteries


Foothills Hospital Home Lottery and Hospital Home Lottery tickets purchased to support our hospitals


Total of our biggest jackpots ever*

*represents both Foothills Hospital Home Lottery and Hospital Home Lottery


Net Revenue for Health Care

*including revenue from the WinWin lottery

Meet the 2020 / 2021 home lottery winners

Foothills Hospital Home Lottery 2021
- Meet our Top Winners!

Hospital Home Lottery 2020
- Meet our Top Winners!

The hospitals have always been important to us because we've had their help so we always like to know they are there in case we need them.

Jenilee Hemsing, Hospital Home Lottery Early Bird Winner

Investing in lotteries to invest in health

Our Foothills Hospital Home Lottery and Hospital Home Lottery are programs that have a great return on investment. They are essential to our overall success and contribute 62%, or a net of $13.8M, to our total fundraising revenue. We continuously evaluate the return on our investment of both of our lottery programs and consider it an enterprise of our operations.

The expenses of our lottery programs include the purchase of all prizing and investments in marketing. We make every effort to run our lotteries as efficiently and effectively as possible. We are proud to say that we maintain two extremely efficient lottery programs, and benchmark efficiency to like-programs across Canada.

Our lotteries contributed 62% to our total fundraising revenue

Financial growth for lottery programs (net)

Your 2020 support:

How your support benefits Albertans!

New CathLab for Foothills Medical Centre
Quick and agile response to COVID-19
Early support for rising Mental Health needs

Stories of Impact

Your support of Calgary Health Foundation has funded breakthroughs that are transforming lives. See how!


COVID-19 Care

A team of champions: Dean’s unexpected battle with COVID-19


Enhancing Wellness in the Community

New experiences enhance quality of life: Virtual Reality provides both recreation and cognitive therapy


Advancing Critical Research

From HELLP to hope: Maternal clinical research that is saving lives


Maternal & Newborn Health

Newborns Need and women's health investments are advancing care for the whole family


Mental Health

Ensuring the right care at the right time as demand for mental health and addiction resources is increasing



A win-win for Albertans and Calgary hospitals