An endowment fund is a gift that keeps giving. A modest donation can plant the seed for the growth of a significant endowment down the road. Named endowments are a unique and lasting way to leave a legacy or memorialize a loved one.

An endowment fund is like a savings account that earns interest. Your gift is invested and the income earned on that investment is provided to the health care program that you have chosen to support. The principal (original donation) is preserved intact and can be added to by the original donor or by others with a shared interest in the cause that the endowment supports.

Endowment funds are typically established for a minimum of 10 years or “in perpetuity.” This means that a fund will last forever.

To learn more about planning your gift, please email fundraising@calgaryhealthfoundation.ca or call 403-943-0615.

This information provided is general in nature, does not constitute legal or financial advice, and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional advice. We strongly encourage you to seek professional legal, estate planning and/or financial advice before deciding upon your course of action.

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