Thanks to your support

Patients like Ashley
receive exceptional care

Thanks to your support

Patients like Ashley
receive exceptional care

Calgary Health Foundation is prioritizing health care, including women’s health, in Southern Alberta.

Calgary has some of the most forward-thinking clinicians and researchers when it comes to answering your questions on women’s health. In fact, Calgary is home to some of the brightest medical minds in many other initiatives including neonatal, surgical, and cardiac care.

It’s because of those world-class leaders and supporters like you that allow us to fund initiatives in areas that impact Albertans most that people like Ashley are alive today to tell their stories.

At just 32 years old, and days after having her son, Ashley was found unconscious and having a severe seizure on her bathroom floor. She suffered a life-threatening stroke triggered by a ruptured aneurysm. Ashley underwent emergency surgery, where our dedicated team of neurosurgeons worked hard to block blood flow to the aneurysm. She spent the next 19 days in the hospital.

Thanks to the generosity of people like you and our medical teams, Ashley lived to tell her story and got to spend another Mother’s Day with her energetic and bright three-year-old boy, Lucas.

We have the knowledge and capacity to invest your donation where and when it’s needed most, so your family, friends, and neighbours receive the best possible care, giving everyone a fighting chance.

No matter what patients need the health care system for – from broken bones to heart attacks and strokes, to emergency surgeries like Ashley’s, your support is ensuring that patients are receiving the best of the best right here in Calgary when it comes to health care.

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Each year, thousands of people in Southern Alberta rely on your support. Maybe that includes someone you know – a neighbour, coworker, a member of your family, or even you.

Calgary Health Foundation is committed to helping patients like Ashley receive the exceptional care they need to recover quickly and get back to their lives and family.

Ashley was just three days post-partum when her husband, Nick, found her unconscious on the bathroom floor as she was having a severe seizure. At just 32 years old, she found herself in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with a life-threatening stroke.

Watch this heartwarming video of Ashley reuniting with Greg – one of the EMS paramedics who transported her to Foothills Medical Centre on the night of her emergency, and played a part in making sure Ashley got to watch her newborn baby grow up.

Your support allows us to fund initiatives in areas that impact Albertans most.

You’re ensuring that patients are receiving the best health care possible, no matter when and what they need us for. With your help, we can better understand, develop, and implement new ways of treating patients like Ashley when they need us most.