Removing barriers to receive help

An investment in the Renfrew Recovery Centre allows for better triage.

While it looks as simple as a new trailer, this building is breaking down barriers for individuals seeking addiction detox support.

As Calgary’s only medical detox centre, the Renfrew Recovery Centre provides an invaluable breakthrough moment for up to 40 patients at any given time taking their first steps towards recovery from addiction. The Centre offers medically supported detoxification services to people while they withdraw from the effects of alcohol and other drugs, as well as gambling stabilization.

Prior to COVID-19, the Centre’s triage vestibule could hold up to 15 people waiting for treatment, but with pandemic safety measures in place, the space was reduced to eight at a time. With less space, individuals seeking help were forced to wait in the parking lot or facing cold weather and often reverting to harmful activities.

Individuals seeking help were also faced with a number of adverse conditions as they patiently waited for the doors to open, causing many to decide to not wait to seek treatment and leave.

Through the generosity of donors, Calgary Health Foundation was able to support the Renfrew Recovery Centre with a $150,000 investment for an extension that serves as an addition to their triage room. This will increase access and enhance the safety of people seeking treatment, encouraging those first few steps towards addictions recovery.

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