Putting trust in strangers

Amy and Josh were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their triplets in 2013 when they found themselves at the Foothills Medical Centre at only 24 weeks pregnant. They knew that their babies would likely be arriving early, but not that early. After holding off delivery for as long as they could, their triplets were born at 24 weeks and 5 days, weighing just over 1 pound each. Devastatingly, after battling for four days, Ashton passed away on Mother’s Day. While dealing with the grief of the loss of their son, Amy and Josh had to find a way to rise above their grief to help Noah and Emma as they battled their one step forward, two steps back journey in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Emma and Noah, first time reunited.

“Each baby had their own doctor, respiratory therapist and nurse. We were so scared.” – Amy

It was a long journey for the whole family with Emma finally going home after 5 ½ months and Noah following after one full year.

Amy and Josh were overwhelmed with everything that was coming at them and the uncertainty of the situation. They had to put their faith and trust in the team at Foothills Medical Centre to ensure the best possible outcomes for their family.

“Dealing with the loss of Ashton but dealing with every day, they would either go forward or backwards. You have to put your trust in these people. They truly did what was best for our kids. I am just so thankful for everybody that helped us along the journey.” – Josh

Theirs was a long journey but one of hope and today, both Noah and Emma are active 10-year-olds, just wrapping up grade 4. They fondly talk about their brother Ashton and are proud to be known as triplets!

Watch the Bernhard family NICU journey here:

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