Forever Grateful

It was a day they’ll never forget. First time parents, Mark and Linda, were able to bring their precious preemie newborns home to spend their first Christmas together. The tiny boy and girl were born one month premature and spent their first five weeks of life in hospital.

“There were three teams of doctors and nurses on hand for the delivery. It was all hands on deck,” says Mark. “We were overwhelmed by the healthcare resources dedicated to our family.”

“As the mother, I received very good care,” adds Linda. “The main concern was the children. My son was predicted to be a very low birth weight baby.”

“This Christmas, having two kids who are healthy 16 years old is really something to celebrate,” Mark points out. “That’s what inspired us to give and why we continue contributing monthly to the Calgary Health Foundation.”

Mark says the couple’s regular gifts are not just symbolic of their gratitude for the care received for their tiny twins. “It’s acknowledgment that the health care system is in constant need of additional funding. Nobody should underestimate the resources and funding required to deliver that care. It’s eye-opening when you see it firsthand.”

Advances in neonatal care have come a long way since Linda and Mark’s twins were born 16 years ago. Premature babies now have access to better medical care than they ever have before and it’s thanks to donors like Mark and Linda that advancements in science and technology continue to ensure each newborn’s unique needs are met.

We are honoured that Linda and Mark chose to acknowledge the excellent health care they and their twins received by investing in the future of health care in Alberta with a monthly donation.

We know many of our donors who give regularly have similar stories, whether it’s about the outstanding care you received, or your friends or relatives. Or maybe you give monthly because it makes you feel good. No matter what your reasons are, thank you for helping to ensure our community receives the most progressive health care in the world — because our loved ones and yours deserve nothing less.

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