A holistic view of healthcare

This Thank-you-ary, we’ve showcased an array of stories from a diverse group of donors, partners, and volunteers who come from all walks of life.

However, when discussing giving back to the community, we sometimes overlook the contributions of our staff. Despite their dedication to the Calgary Health Foundation, many of our staff members still find even more ways to give back to the community with monthly donations.

“I can’t ask people to engage with us, without believing enough in Calgary Health Foundation’s work to give myself,” said Heather I, the Director of Community Engagement & Donor Relations.

“Our lives intersect with the healthcare system in so many ways,” said Daniela, the Director of Digital Engagement. “It’s critical to continue supporting our local community, for them to thrive and return healthy to their loved ones after life-changing events.”

Many of our dedicated staff members have themselves been through the healthcare system with their own experiences and understand the importance of donations firsthand.

“In 2021, I had a severe infection. Foothills Medical Centre staff saved my life, and the outpatient services meant I did not have to spend four months in the hospital,” recalled Heather.

These staff members bring a unique perspective to their work, having seen our healthcare system from various angles: their own experiences, stories they hear from grateful patients and their families, and insights from fellow AHS staff all contribute to a holistic view of healthcare.

“I donate because I am inspired by the stories from patients and health professionals and I believe that my giving can help make a difference,” said Jen, a Senior Philanthropy Advisor.

It is inspiring to see the dedication of our staff members to not only their work at Calgary Health Foundation but also to the community. Through their monthly donations, they are making a tangible impact on the healthcare system in Calgary. Their personal experiences and unique perspectives enhance their work and allow them to truly understand the importance of donations in supporting the health and well-being of individuals and families in our community.

“I hope my gifts, when brought together with so many other caring Calgarians, ensures a family gets the care they need for someone they love,” said Heather.

We are grateful for their contributions and commitment to making a difference. As we continue to work towards our mission of advancing healthcare in Calgary, we recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions of all those who support us, including our staff members.

“I’m proud to work for Calgary Health Foundation and be part of the collective solutions for our healthcare,” said Daniela.

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