February 17, 2021

Foothills Hospital Home Lottery to advance mental health support for Albertans!

Today, Calgary Health Foundation launched the 29th annual Foothills Hospital Home Lottery, featuring a breathtaking $2.6 million-dollar lakeside Grand Prize Showhome in Mahogany, Calgary.

Net proceeds from this year’s lottery will continue to support investments in Calgary’s hospitals, specifically focused on advancing mental health response for Albertans. Every year, 80 percent of Albertans rely on the health system. This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic and rise in mental health concerns, it’s impacted all of us. The need to build community resilience and advance health breakthroughs has never been greater.

The dream of lakeside living in the city is here with this year’s prize package, featuring our most valuable Grand Prize ever: a $2.6 million-dollar showhome custom built by Calbridge Homes, awarded with $250,000 cash. With over 5,900 square feet of thoughtfully designed and beautifully crafted living space, this magnificent home boasts an open-to-above great room with 21’ high ceilings, a main level office with private deck, and a lower level that includes a yoga studio, lounge area, sauna and spacious patio complete with a hot tub. Backing onto Mahogany Lake, this traditional European meets California home is focused on health, wellness and tranquility.

This year also includes the $1.2 million Canmore Early Bird Prize Package which features an Executive Rocky Mountain Condo built by Spring Creek, a 2021 Ford Bronco Badlands and $25,000 cash. The condo is a spacious 1,800 square feet and brags some of Alberta’s most stunning views. It comes fully furnished and professionally decorated. Tickets purchased by April 23 will be eligible to win this incredible prize.

Early ticket purchasers will be eligible to win even more, with the 2021 Porsche Bonus Prize. All tickets purchased prior to March 26 will be in to win a 2021 Porsche Taycan 4S, or the winner can choose to take $100,000 cash.

More than 3,500 prizes will be awarded, including luxury vehicles, Alberta Adventures, leisure packages, and more.

Tickets are $100 each, 3-pack for $250, 5-pack for $375, 10-pack for $700, Mega Pack for $500 (includes 5 – Home Lottery tickets, 5 – 50/50 Add-On® tickets, 6 – 100 Days of Winning® Cash Calendar™ Add-On tickets), or Max Pack for $850 (includes 10 – Home Lottery tickets, 15 – 50/50 Add-On® tickets, 6 – 100 Days of Winning® Cash Calendar™ Add-On tickets). Visit www.FoothillsHospitalHomeLottery.com

For more information, please contact:
Valerie Ball
Director, Marketing, Communications & Community Engagement | Calgary Health Foundation
403-990-7943 | Valerie.ball@calgaryhealthfoundation.ca

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