November 17, 2021

BMO Financial Group supports busiest NICU in Canada with $600,000 donation on World Prematurity Day

Support for our tiniest and most fragile newborns propels fundraising for Newborns Need campaign.

CALGARY – In Canada, one in 10 newborns rely on the care of a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). In southern Alberta, it is one in eight – a notable 25 per cent higher than the national average. That’s why BMO Financial Group is commemorating World Prematurity Day by making a donation to the Newborns Need campaign.

Newborns Need is a $66 million campaign to transform care for newborns and their families from preconception to pre and post natal care. While a key component of the campaign is to redevelop the Foothills NICU (Canada’s busiest) into a two story, dedicated space that will expand capacity from 39 to 56 beds, the campaign has already invested in numerous care and research initiatives throughout Calgary to advance maternal and newborn outcomes.

“We are pleased to support the redevelopment of the Foothills NICU, at Canada’s most in demand centre for neonatal care in southern Alberta,” said John MacAulay, Regional President, Prairies Central, BMO Bank of Montreal. “BMO’s Purpose is to Boldly Grow the Good in business and in life, for customers, employees and communities. This includes creating better access to care to improve health outcomes for vulnerable infants, their mothers and families.”

BMO Financial Group’s 200 year legacy of funding initiatives that are focused on making tomorrow better means families of premature infants will have brighter days ahead.

“The support of BMO Financial Group shows leadership in shaping the future for families in southern Alberta,” says Mike Meldrum, President & CEO, Calgary Health Foundation. “This commitment is critical in advancing care for our smallest patients.” Over 2,000 newborns and their families require the care of Calgary’s NICU every year. While the most critically-ill newborns are taken care of at the Foothills Medical Centre, all Calgary hospitals are part of an integrated NICU network that provides life-saving care to newborns and their families across southern Alberta.

For media inquiries contact:
Valerie Ball
Calgary Health Foundation
C: 403.990.7943

The Calgary Health Foundation is a philanthropic organization uniting our donors, four hospitals, care providers, and community partners with the ambitious aim of revolutionizing health outcomes. Through deep cooperation, unrelenting persistence and a sharp focus on care, wellness and research, we are unyielding in our efforts to ensure Calgarians receive the most progressive care in the world — because our loved ones and yours deserve nothing less. For more information go to

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