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Creating opportunities for personalized health care delivery by facilitating internationally renowned cardiac research with support exceeding $7.7M towards the Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre.

Stephenson Cardiac
Imaging Centre

Thanks to donor support, the Stephenson Cardiovascular Imaging Centre has developed a research program that is internationally renowned. Led by clinician scientist Dr. James White, the Centre Focuses on disease-based modelling, and works to create opportunities for personalized health care delivery by engaging patients, education leaders and enhancing care through precision medicine..

As the Centre recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, it is now leading large-scale initiatives in Alberta and expanding its program internationally. The Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre has performed over 3,500 cardiac MRI studies per year, positioning the Centre as a leader in its field.

The Centre now holds over 12,000 Cardiac MRI scans and 3,000 Cardiac CT scans. Each of these scans contains personalized and detailed data on specific disease models. In addition to this, the patients that provide these scans are followed for 10 years, and their hospitalization record, procedures and medications are all recorded and saved in the database as well. Using this data clinicians are able to analyze patterns and link them to specific diseases. By doing this clinicians can then work to create novel algorithms that automatically diagnose a disease and recommend a course of treatment that will ensure the best possible outcome.

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