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For most of us, the holidays are a time of joy, warmth and togetherness. But for local families spending the season in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, they are a time of worry and concern. Help us send them well-wishes and support this year, because together we can make breakthroughs possible. Donate today and we’ll share your snowflake message of hope with a family in hospital.

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Healthcare will affect each and every one of us over the course of our lives, and when it does, anything less than the best care is simply not good enough. Help us advance healthcare in our community and make breakthroughs possible for the families that need them most.

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Snowflake Message of Hope

A simple message of hope can have a big impact on families in hospital during the holidays.

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Ellie's Story

Like most babies, Ellie Russell enjoyed an uncomplicated and typical birth.

Surrounded by her family in their local rural hospital, the moment was routinely perfect – until suddenly it wasn’t. Ellie became critically ill and the situation became more dire with every passing moment.

Quickly it became clear that Ellie would need to be transported to the Foothills Medical Centre, where she could receive the deeper capabilities of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit there (NICU). Transporting any critical ill patient is always a risk, but with an infant in Ellie’s condition it was so dangerous that her parents were given a chance to say goodbye to their newborn who the experts feared may not survive the flight.

That farewell, fortunately, was not their last. Thanks to the expert team of expert nurses and specially equipped helicopter, Ellie made the trip and spent the next seven days in the NICU as she made a full recovery.

Ellie’s story shows the power of hope and donation to help make breakthroughs possible. The the Southern Alberta Neonatal Transport Services is just one of the programs that the Calgary Health Foundation helps fund, which in turn helps change the lives of Calgarians and people across the province.

This holiday season, will you help us help families just like Ellie’s?

Send a
Snowflake Message of Hope

From care to research and wellness, together we’re dedicated to making breakthroughs possible. Help us bring a message of hope to families in Neonatal Intensive Care Units this holiday waiting for their breakthrough. Simply write your message below and we’ll add it to a snowflake and make sure it makes its way to just the people who need it most.

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