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$10M investment from the Taylor Family Foundation ensures a bright future for Southern Alberta’s critically-ill newborns.

Fully funded, Calgary Health Foundation’s $66M Newborns Need fundraising campaign will create a 58 bed, leading-edge, level 3 NICU at Foothills Medical Centre.

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Calgary Health Foundation announces new Interim President & CEO

Prominent Calgary business leader, Murray Sigler, takes the helm of Calgary Health Foundation.

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When Sarah had a brain injury, her life changed in mere seconds

At just 35, Sarah Reid suffered a stroke that left her unconscious at home with her four year old son, Kolten, helplessly at her side. When Kolten was two, his father suffered a catastrophic brain injury and within two short years passed away. Then, only months later, Kolten nearly lost his mother to a serious and critical brain emergency. 

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Giving Patients Like Kael Better Odds

For Kael Bernard and his family, life could look a lot different following a 2019 car accident that left him in a coma with a severe, traumatic brain injury.

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Mercedes-Benz Donor Spotlight

Alongside Mercedes-Benz’s generous support, the event was spearheaded by two Co-Chairs whose passion for the NICU helped drive the fundraising efforts. We sat down with them to understand more about why they wanted to be involved.

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A neurological emergency changed everything in an instant for Rick Weich

Neurocritical care saves lives and is an essential link to the chain of survival and recovery after facing neurological injuries.

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