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Finding hope after trauma

Sara was working as an emergency dispatcher when she experienced trauma that she needed to get help for. She sought out professional counselling and was involved in a very extensive Traumatic Psychological Injury program that included two hours of group therapy and two hours of occupational therapy every week. She worked incredibly hard to get

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Eight men every day

It’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a fact: Men get depressed. Depression is an illness that can rob you of your will to live. It can steal pleasure from things and activities that used to give you joy. Depression affects millions of men every year and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Acknowledging

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Laura’s Mental Health Journey

Laura, a mother of two and grade 5 teacher, was always hard on herself and didn’t know why it took her a lot of mental energy and work to do well in school compared to her peers. But after the birth of her second child just prior to the global pandemic, the pressures increased and she experienced a mental health crisis.

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Celebrating 25 years in Trauma Operating

In 2013, Calgary Health Foundation funded the second Interventional Trauma Operating Room (iTOR) in the world, right at Foothills Medical Centre. The only other iTOR was located in Sydney, Australia.

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A fighting chance for Rippy and Kaveer

When Rippy found out she had diabetes, she was pregnant. The diagnosis was a surprise to her and her family. Due to her diagnosis, her doctor told her that she would have a high-risk pregnancy, but when her cervix started dilating at just 20 weeks, it was the second big surprise for Rippy during her short pregnancy.

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Music Therapy improves how patients experience health care

Thanks to an ongoing partnership with the National Music Centre/Studio Bell, JB Music Therapy and the generous support of our community, we’ve made it possible to provide life-changing experiences for patients through music therapy in our hospitals.

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