Your gift on this

will go twice as far in helping
our family of hospitals.

Your gift on this

will go twice as far in
helping our family of

Our goal this Giving Tuesday is to raise $300,000 to purchase lifesaving equipment for our family of hospitals.

As you can see in our ever-evolving world, technology changes rapidly. Your 7-10-year-old smartphone is likely far past its prime. It may not even turn on anymore. The same goes for equipment.

Our teams rely on having the most reliable and up-to-date equipment and resources to ensure that everyone who walks through the hospital doors gets the best care possible.

From portable cardiac monitors that catch heart problems early on to pulse oximeters that signal dangerous oxygen levels, your gift to priority medical equipment will ensure that our local hospitals have the very best equipment to diagnose and treat our loved ones, above and beyond what government funding covers.


From now until #GivingTuesday, your donation to Calgary Health Foundation will be matched
– up to $150,000 by a generous donor!

Will you help us meet our match by raising an additional $150,000 for lifesaving equipment?

When you donate $50, the matching gift donor will donate another $50, making your total impact $100! Imagine if just 3,000 people join this challenge. We’d easily meet our goal!

This Giving Tuesday, your support will help us purchase lifesaving equipment for our hospitals.

The people who benefit will be you, your loved ones, and your neighbours. We urgently need your support now more than ever so we can continue to better service you, our community. Because when it comes to the health of you and your loved ones, good enough is not enough.

Here is a list of some of the equipment we need:


Bedside Ultrasound Machine $50,000

Having portable ultrasound machines that can move to the bedside greatly improves patient care as they aide in treatment and provide real-time diagnostics without transporting patients.


Portable cardiac monitor $32,000

Portable cardiac monitors allow for patient care where patients are at, even in non-traditional care spaces.


HD Camera head with integrate coupler $10,000

These cameras allow surgeons to better visualize anatomy and blood flow during a variety of both minimally invasive and open surgeries.


Wheelwalkers and platform walkers $1,000

These support patients in gaining their mobility confidently.


Pulse Oximeters $800

Pulse oximeters measure the oxygen saturation in blood cells to see if it is oxygenated. This is an important tool for care as low oxygen levels can lead to many critical conditions.


Remember, your gift for Giving Tuesday will go twice as far in helping our family of hospitals – meaning your gift will have DOUBLE the impact. This is thanks to a generous leadership donation of $150,000 from an anonymous donor. They are matching every gift until November 30th, so please give as generously as you can!

Did you know that approximately 1,000 people walk through the Emergency Room doors at one of our Calgary hospitals every single day? Sooner or later, often unexpectedly, we all seek urgent medical care.

In these times of high stress and trauma, all we can do is trust that we’ll be okay. We rely on the expertise of our health care workers and the powerful machines and technology that can help diagnose, treat and heal our wounds, all so we can get back home to our families.

Your gift to Calgary Health Foundation today will ensure that we can provide our health care heroes with the tools they need to heal more patients and save more lives at any given moment.

With your help, we can save more lives.