Fundraising is the key to making breakthroughs in health care possible for Calgarians.

Fundraising is the key to making breakthroughs in health care possible. That’s why we strive tirelessly to bring as many people into our cause as possible and have been able to successfully make a difference in the lives of countless people in our community.

While we rely on the generosity of our donors, we’ve also seen firsthand the power of our community in raising funds for our local health care system. By donating through gifts in celebration and creating personal fundraising efforts, our community has helped the Calgary Health Foundation transform health care and outcomes for millions of people.

If you want to take part and make a big difference– whether it’s simply making a gift in celebration or creating your own fundraising page – scroll down, learn how and get started.

Create a Personal

When it comes to public health care, everyone has the power to make a difference. Use the links below to make a donation, set up a tribute page to collect donations or log in and manage an existing tribute page.

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Whether you’re celebrating someone else or bringing your community together, use the link below to set up your own donation campaign.


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Monitor progress, make changes and manage your page by clicking the button below to log in.

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Every donation goes directly to transforming health care for people in our community. Click below to find a fundraising page.


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Our relentless mission is shared by a community of generous supporters who have raised over $506 million to advance health outcomes. Together, we continue to transform lives by establishing extraordinary health programs — early stroke intervention, a world class urology clinic and brain institute, limb preservation and advanced trauma centres. Join us!

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Do you have a fundraising event idea that you’d like to put together to support the Calgary Health Foundation? We love the way you think. Click below to learn all about event fundraisers and get started creating yours.

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When it comes to making a difference in the health of Albertans, every little bit has the potential to make a big impact – and it’s never been easier.