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One-of-a-kind clinic in Calgary offers limb-saving services for diabetes patients

How the Zivot Limb Preservation Centre in Calgary has drastically reduced the need for limb amputations in patients with diabetes.

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Wellness Kitchen teaches Albertans how to eat for best health

Staying healthy and happy while you spend more time at home can be a challenge, but some Calgary-based health and nutrition experts are offering all Albertans free advice.

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Calgary clinic uses technology over medicine to treat depression

When medicine just doesn’t work, a Calgary psychiatrist suggests patients suffering from depression turn to repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation.

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Calgary couple celebrates World Prematurity Day with daughter born at 23 weeks

A Calgary couple is hoping to bring awareness to the need for continued funding and research for preterm births in Alberta, which has one of the highest rates in the country of babies born prematurely.

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Calgary-based transport service helps provide best outcome for critically ill babies in southern Alberta

The Southern Alberta Neonatal Transport Service helps save the lives of hundreds of sick and at-risk newborn babies by providing critical care during quick and safe transports between health care facilities throughout southern Alberta.

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Calgary’s Operational Stress Injury Clinic leads way in trauma recovery

How the Operational Stress Injury Facility is leading the way in treating trauma patients.

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